Procrastination.: 1895.

"But there can be no grave for Sherlock Holmes or Doctor Watson.. Shall they not always live in Baker Street? Are they not there this moment, as one writes?. Outside, the hansoms rattle through the rain, and Moriarty plans his latest devilry. Within, the sea coal flames upon the hearth and Holmes and Watson take their well-won ease.. So they still live for all that love them well; in a romantic chamber of the heart, in a nostalgic country of the mind, where it is always 1895."

Vincent Starrett, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes


I find it curious that the counter on John’s blog is stuck on 1895. After a brief investigation, I found that nothing of real importance happened during this year: firstly, ACD published 4 works that had nothing to do with Sherlock Holmes (The Surgeon of Gaster Fell, The Stark Munro Letters, How…